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Plastic in nature - caring for the future


We are very ECO conscious at DERMANATURAL Pet Naturals.  Our aim is to provide eco-friendly, quality handmade products for you and your pets while helping to reduce his/her ecological paw-print.
Our policy is to take steps where possible to preserve the environment whilst ensuring that we have not compromised the quality of our products or the service we provide.  We ensure that all products come from the most sustainable resource possible. Our ingredients are 100% naturally sourced.  The shampoos and conditioners packaging are PET and Aluminium which of course are both fully recyclable and our sustainable source are awarded ISO 14001 environmental certification.  Our paper gift bags, boxes and tissue paper are unique they have their own personal touch and are all recyclable and made from up to 100% recycled materials. Our ribbons are made from natural fibres and are 100% biodegradable. We use a range of paper adhesive seals, labels and stickers to help to eliminate the use of plastic.  
Let us all start making a difference to the environment with our paw-prints.



Natural, Eco-Friendly & Sustainable for you,

your pet and the environment