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Look at Vincent’s shiny coat..he does love a bath with DERMANATURAL puppy shampoo and conditioner.
My dog, Rocky and I love these NEW Natural, Eco-friendly Products from DERMANATURAL SA. The products is easy to use and make my dogs coat feel soft and smell amazing.  I prefer to use Natural Eco-Friendly Products its, natural, good for the environment and for my dog and would highly recommend these products to all Pet owners out there.  To order these amazing Natural Eco-Friendly products visit there website 



I highly recommend these products for dogs. The shampoo works very well on my Cocker Spaniel and we use it regularly to maintain an illustrious shine on his coat.
 "A dog product of quality. "
I have written a review on these products before but I feel like I need to do it again.
We had our check up at the vet yesterday and we are so proud of our boy. In the words from the vet:”He is in top form. Great condition.”
After our weekly 5k Parkrun. Mr Man had his DermaNatural bath.  And not only did he smell fantastic he was soft and shiny.  We can not recommend the Shampoo and Conditioner enough.  Proud owners.  Happy Customers.

Eben Etzebeth & Rocky

Marna & Eddie

Denise & Vincent

Andy & Stanley


Good evening
Thank you so much for your amazing products . Little Moscow smells sooo good and the conditioner makes him so soft . It also made his coat so shiny . I will only ever use your products . Thank you for keeping my baby clean the natural way. Moscow’s skin can be sensitive and there was no irritation at all .
Moscow is one happy pup and I am one happy mommy .

I took this picture of Aloe-Vera on 15th Feb! How time flies.   Hope it is okay for your webpage. 

My review "Bath time is something our Puppy, AloeVera is still getting use to but she is getting better and we know it has to do with Pet Naturals shampoo and conditioner. It is a gentle shampoo and conditioner. It cleans, soothes and calms her skin. We also found it throughly cleaned our AloeVera leaving her coat soft and shinny. Smells fantastic. Will recommend the shampoo and conditioner to friends.

Im always looking for Natural Eco-Friendly products and came accross DERMANATURAL Pet Naturals.  This was so amazing as my dog suffers from allergies and her skin is very sensitive therefore I can not use just any products for her.  I also saw that the products are SLS and Paraben free.  I bought the products and tried it on my Rotweiler,Neavah and the shampoo and conditioner made her skin so soft and shiny and she had no allergic reaction to the products.I am a very happy client and my furr baby too.I will forever be a loyal client to this brand as it is one of the best products I have ever used on my Neavah,my dog.

Good Morning Dermanatural!!

Just wanted to thank you again for the present you sent Coco. I wanted to let you know that we really liked your products. 

The shampoo: 

oh so minty and fresh, really nice. And what i liked the most was that you only need a tiny bit and it went a long way.

The conditioner :

This was definitely my fav!! It was our first time ever using conditioner and wow the difference. Okay firstly i have to mention that smell!! Oh wow!! And coco didnt complain from the massage he got when i rubbed the conditioner on. He was extra soft after the bath and didnt have that wet dog smell. Very impressed. Could still smell the conditioner the next day.

The extra gift was also such a nice thought. And i am a fan!! Can never have enough waste bags hahaha.

Millions of thanks to you for the presents and effort. The packaging was very personal and sweet. It felt very special. 

Lots of love, hugs and licks

Katrina and Coco

BizziBabs & Aloe-Vera

Katrina & Coco

Robyn & Little Moscow

Christel & Nevaeh


Nicolene Olivier & Zoltan

Lauren Jacobs & Tami

I have a yorkie who forgets that he is his mommy’s baby – he has the heart of a lion! He is always dirty, and his coat is always matted. He hates me brushing him out! I used the dermanatural shampoo for puppies on him – I did bath him twice with it, followed by the conditioner, and I had absolutely no problem brushing his fur out after that. Zoltan smells clean and fresh, his coat is ... uhm...  soft as a baby’s bum, and we are both happy. I rescue; Zoltan is my only pedigree, and I will definitely invest in the dermanatural shampoo and conditioner for my other furbabies, as they sleep on the bed with me. I will most certainly recommend the product, and will continue to use it on my furbabies.

I am a very happy mommy.

Nicolene Olivier

We received a delivery from with these amazing products to keep our Chows smelling fresh.  

@dermanaturalsa shampoo and conditioner I love that it has no harsh chemically smells and does an amazing job with getting the dirt out of the coat while protecting the skin under all these layers of fur.

The products are hypoallergenic and all natural. 

Chows are prone to getting skin irritations and so far so good. She has not been scratching and her coat is so soft. 

Thanks so much for these amazing products 

Lauren Jacobs